Proposed Schedule of Events, subject to change and availability.

Day 1 - Sun 17 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

Bump in, start Static Scrutineering

Day 2 - Mon 18 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

Static Scrutineering and Track Testing 

Day 3 - Tues 19 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

Dynamic Events​

  • Solarkhana

  • Braking 

  • Innovation

  • Hotlap

Day 4 - Wed 20 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

VIP endurance start event.

Endurance Challenge & pitstop challenges - Day 1  8:00am  - 5:00pm

Day 5 - Thur 21 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

Endurance Challenge & pitstop challenges - Day 2 8:00am  - 5:00pm

Day 6 - Fri 22 Oct

Trailer to Canberra - 8:00am - 12:00pm

Ceremonial Drive around Canberra: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Awards Ceremony and Outreach at Questacon: 5:00pm


Track elements

The on track elements of the event will be held on Wakefield Park Raceway in Goulburn, NSW. The raceway is 2.2 km long with a clear view of the track throughout the entire duration. Camping and cabins on-site are available for team accomodation. 


Static Scrutineering

On Day 1 and Day 2 of the event, all vehicles will undergo static scrutineering to check compliance with current or previous BWSC design regulations and to review vehicle safety. Track testing will also be available on Day 2 of the event. 

Dynamic Events


Testing the braking of vehicles as according to similar expectations of the BWSC


Manoeuvring vehicles through a predefined segment of track. Timed from start to finish, points are lost for hitting obstacles in the course.



Finishing the racetrack with the fastest time. 


A challenge where points are gained according to the number of items or people able to fit in each vehicle while stationary. Acceptable items are those that are commonly used by teams on the events and are graded according to size. These are yet to be finalised but include such items as tyres, waterbottles, PVC Pats, swags etc.


Each team has a 10-minute window to present an exceptional or technically innovative aspect of their team/vehicle  The assessment criteria are:

  1. Innovation 

  2. Practical application beyond solar racing

  3. Story-telling, communications & marketability


Over two consecutive days, teams will complete as many laps of the track as possible, driving between [09:00] and [18:00]. [Teams entering the BWSC Telemetry Challenge can use the endurance event to collect their telemetry data.]

Starting Lap

To celebrate the beginning of the endurance event, there will be an all team and sponsor welcome event to see the cars begin off the starting line. 


During the 2-day Endurance Challenge, each team will be tested for consistency of speed. To accomplish this, teams will estimate an average lap duration in accordance with their vehicle’s abilities. They will then complete eight laps while aiming to stay as close to their average as possible.

Pitstop Safety Challenges

During the Endurance Challenge, each team will be given three “Pitstop Safety Challenges”. These will occur at random times, and signalled to teams as they approach the pits. During a 30 minute stop, teams must perform timed safety challenges such as changing a tyre, removing a driver from the car, or handling a simulated battery fire.

Bonus Points

The challenge has a range of bonus points, the details of which are won via the peoples choice voting. The bonus points are attributed to the teams with the best looking car, the best snacks, best team garage "vibe" and best dressed PVC Pat. 



ACT Element

Upon completion of all track events teams will trailer to Canberra to complete a ceremonial convoy lap through the nations capital. The route through the capital is yet to be confirmed, but will see all teams on road in some of the most well recognised roads in the capital. Plans currently sit this route in and around the national triangle around which the most important buildings in the national sit such as new parliament house, old parliament house and the national circuit.


This route will showcase the solar cars in the nation's capital on the 22nd of October, the day the BWSC would usually start. 

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