What are the fees?

Fees will be required to cover the costs of running the event. We have not yet finalised the final costs, but we expect them to be significantly less than the cost of entering the BWSC.

Why Goulburn?

Firstly, Australia is a big place and we tried to pick a location that was somewhere around the middle of where many of the teams are. Secondly, Goulburn is less likely to be locked down than larger cities with a lot of people.

What about Accomodation?

All teams can be accommodated on track or in Goulburn. We recommend on track. Wakefield Park Raceway is able to hold up to 2000 people, and has two options of accomodation available. These are either on track cabins which sleep up to 14 people, or camping.  Book either by calling (02) 4822 2811. Camping will cost a reduced amount of $10 per team member staying.

When will the ACT route of the race be confirmed? 

As soon as possible! Hopefully within the next month or so, we are currently confirming our vehicles routes and conditional permits in the ACT, and will announce when we can. Our ideal route will be all around the most important buildings of the nations capital. 

How does the BWSC endurance race fit into this event?

The BWSC Telemetry Challenge requires two days of telemetry, and can be achieved during the Endurance Challenge of the AuSC. It is optional for teams to participate in the BWSC telemetry event while in this endurance event. 

Is this a one off event?

This event has been set up in an official capacity by the Australian Solar Car  Association which boasts a highly competent set of  board members. If we have a good time this year, perhaps we can do the same in 2022/2023. . . TBC!

Who can enter? What cars can I bring? 

Your fee to participate in the event covers any number of cars, on track. The more cars the better. Any increased cost for on road is tbc dependent for road permits - but is unlikely to be costly if passed along to teams at all. 

I want to watch but don't have a car nor team - when can I come?

The event is open to the public. Anyone is free to visit the track throughout the duration of the event and in event operating hours so long as they accept the risks of being on track! If you want to see us on road, all you have to do is pitch a spot on our route once its announced and cheer us as the cars drive past!

Will this be COVID-19 safe?

We are committed to ensuring that we operate in a COVID-19 safe environment. Teams that are in lockdown or have significant COVID-19 cases arise in their local area should not travel to the event, in order to keep everyone else risk free. If Goulburn or the ACT become too risky to be in we will cancel the event, and return any money that has not already been spent. Even though the majority of the event will be outside, we will have COVID-19 paraphernalia and processes in place throughout the event

Will there be volunteers at the event? Can I be a volunteer?

Yes! We welcome the participation of those volunteers that will miss the in person race experience of the BWSC this year. If you want to express your interest as a volunteer please do so in the express interest form on the home page! We will need volunteers to judge our static scruit, our hot lap, chicane and endurance race! Volunteers get free accomodation on track, and will get to be in the thick of it all of the time! 

I have more questions!

Send an email, with all of your questions directly to