Rules & Scoring

Full regulations will be coming shortly. 

  1. Endurance Challenge - Drive from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Charging via solar allowed before and after racing. Team with the most laps after 2 days gains 50 points.

  2. Points gained in other challenges: Practicality (15pts), Chicane (10pts), Hot Lap (10pts) , Consistency (5pts), Innovation (5pts) and Safety Challenges(5pts).

  3. Team with the highest total points wins.

  4. One class - all cars are in one class.

  5. Solar Only - no external charging during challenge, teams may start with a full pack

  6. Starting position will be determined by chicane/hot lap time. Standing start in formation on the grid. 

  7. Drivers must change at least every three hrs.

  8. Compulsory 30 min break during the day during which a safety challenge will be performed - timing to teams choice.

  9. Consistency - teams will choose a time to perform a Consistency Challenge. Timing of five consecutive laps - teams with least variation wins the points.

  10. Any car that has previously competed will be allowed to enter as long as it has not undergone changes to its safety systems. New cars will be subject to BWSC 2021 regulations. Teams are encouraged to enter multiple cars if available. 

  11. Efficiency data will be obtained and used for Virtual BWSC.

  12. All participating cars must be externally certified for safety by an engineer.

  13. If a car has crashed or sustained damage to key solar car components, they are eliminated from the track and cannot resume the track component. 

  14. Waivers must be signed by all team members and guests before attending the event to waive liability in the event of any damage to cars or people. 

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