The 2021 Aussie Solar Challenge is an opportunity for Australia’s top competing solar car teams to showcase their cars, test their endurance, and participate in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Telemetry Challenge at the Wakefield Park Raceway in central NSW, followed by a ceremonial drive around Canberra.

Brought to you by the Australian Solar Car Association, Inc.
This challenge brings together the spirit of the aussie community and the collaborative mateship shared by all domestic teams in a friendly competition and showcasing of our vehicles. 
As many cars as you'd like.
Endurance for two days.
Bonus points for good vibes. 



Proposed Schedule of Events, subject to change and availability.

Day 1 - Sun 17 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

Bump in, start Static Scrutineering

Day 2 - Mon 18 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

Static Scrutineering and Track Testing 

Day 3 - Tues 19 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

Dynamic Events​

  • Solarkhana

  • Braking 

  • Innovation

  • Hotlap

Day 4 - Wed 20 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

VIP endurance start event.

Endurance Challenge & pitstop challenges - Day 1  8:00am  - 5:00pm

Day 5 - Thur 21 Oct : Wakefield Park Raceway

Endurance Challenge & pitstop challenges - Day 2 8:00am  - 5:00pm

Day 6 - Fri 22 Oct

Trailer to Canberra - 8:00am - 12:00pm

Ceremonial Drive around Canberra: 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Awards Ceremony and Outreach at Questacon : 5:00pm

Enter the challenge

Those teams and volunteers that wish to participate in the AuSC this coming October must submit their expression of interest to receive contact about fees, dates, roles and other information. 


We're pleased to announce we have created the the Australian Solar Car Association Inc., have key names including Chris Selwood on the board of our driving association and we already have many top performing teams committed to participate.

Come join the aussie solar challenge. 


Dear volunteers, teams and friends.


We apologise you've not heard from us in a little bit. As you can imagine we have been working feverishly to try and make this event happen. However, with all the COVID-19 cases popping up across Australia in the last two months the situation has clearly changed.


This AuSC was largely planned as a result of the comparative freedom Australia had from COVID-19 and therefore opportunity of aussie teams to compete together locally in place of the BWSC. However, the AuSC's planned location in the NSW/ACT region has been in lockdown for the last two months and is likely to continue to endure them throughout October and onwards. This has impacted non-covid restricted teams' ability to reach the event from neighbouring states due to border restrictions, and NSW/ACT teams from accessing their workshops and building competing cars. Therefore, we believe almost every aussie team is impacted in their ability to participate at this time. 


As a result we have decided to postpone this event until a future date. We are very sad to have to make this call and have been trying to think laterally on what we could do instead, or next. If anyone has recommendations or feels strongly that we have another option other than to postpone please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing 


This solar car community would be nothing without the collaborative and thoughtful volunteers and teams that make it up. We believe that this event would have showcased the aussie spirit and camaraderie in a way that could have solidified that community. We hope that we can still provide this event in the future to give you the AuSC you deserve after the last two years of hard work.